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At the Dizziness, Balance & Concussion Centre I understand how disruptive, distressing and frustrating life after a concussion can be.

There is a lot of confusing and poor information out there (including the advice to just rest!) - I'm here to help!

If you're unsure about your recovery, who you need to see, what you need to do just get in touch to have a free, no obligation chat about your condition.

In association with Complete Concussion Management and utilising the RightEye system you can be confident you are in safe hands to treat your concussion. 


Concussion can cause many different symptoms - from headaches and dizziness to sleep issues and anxiety.


Our comprehensive assessment looks are various aspects of concussion:

 - Head and eye co-ordination

 - Vestibular system

 - Balance

 - Blood flow 

 - Cervical spine

 - Mood and anxiety


While looking at these aspects, we also take care to rule out more serious pathology - giving you piece of mind moving forward.


Each treatment programme is tailored to your specific circumstances and goals and may include: 


- Vestibular rehabilitation

   to help with dizziness and


- Physiotherapy

- Diet education to aid


- Tailored exercise

   programme within safe

   thresholds as directed by

   our assessment 

- Education and reassurance

   to help you return to activity

   and sport safely

Sports Concussion Services

  • Multi-modal baseline testing – a series of tests to determine a baseline level for each athlete. These are then retested post-concussion and an athlete is only allowed to return to sports when the original scores are attained. At present, this is the safest way to know when it is safe to return to play.

  • Help sports clubs develop their concussion protocols – helping to ensure when a concussion happens it is managed safely and effectively; improving player safety and reducing risk and liability

  • Education for teachers, coaches and parents on how to manage concussion safely - click below to get the 1-hour course for FREE!

Want to learn more about concussion?

Are you a teacher, coach or parent of an active child? Do you play a contact sport?

With our partners Complete Concussion Management, we offer a great 1-hour Concussion Sideline Course.

Use the form to complete your details and a pop-up will appear with the link and a coupon code to get the course for FREE!

Providing you with the best care

John Gonzalez
MSc (Hons) BA (Hons) MCSP HCPC registered

Treating concussion for over 10 years in Canada and the UK - get in touch to see how I can help

Dr. Amelia Write

Located next door to the historic Piece Hall and 2 minutes from the train station and plenty of parking a short walk away, it's an easy place to find and a good reason patients travel from miles around from Scotland, Wales and all over the UK

Vertigo Dizziness, Balance & Concussion


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Utilising the RightEye system and Video Infrared Frenzel goggles, you will get a thorough assessment and tailored treatment plan to meet your needs and get you better as quickly as possible